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March 26, 2016
by Paul

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One vision, the vision I share, believes in putting people first, putting them back in charge.  It respects the inherent dignity of each person and trusts them to control their lives; a vision that creates opportunities for success allowing people to build something for themselves and a life for their families. It believes the source of our greatness is an empowered citizenry, to create value in their lives, to pursue their dreams and to find their own happiness.

Roger Chamberlain for MN State Senate – SD38




A 17-year corporate executive at Super Valu Stores, Inc. and Dahlberg, Inc. and a 35-year co-owner of a family business, as well as an elected official at the local and state level, Linda Runbeck has experience in both the public and private sectors.   In addition, she spent several years in the non-profit sector with the Taxpayers League of MN and became its president.  She has served 18 years (non-consecutive) in the legislature, spending 5 terms in the House and 2 terms in the Senate.   Currently, she chairs the House Sub-Committee on Metropolitan Council Accountability and Transparency.

Linda Runbeck  for MN State Representative – SD38A



Minnesota needs solutions to our tough challenges. During partisan gridlock, I have been able to seek the common ground necessary to get things done.

Reconnecting Minnesota’s middle class to affordable, quality health insurance, doctors and medicines. Government is to blame, but finger pointing is not helping anyone. We need solutions.

Matt Dean for MN State Representative – SD38B



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